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After the keep of Meldert was destroyed in 1568 the family d'Oyenbrughhe had to move in 1572 into another castle that was located more to the South in the same village. This castle had 4 wings, two square towers and a little courtyard. The castle went later to the families Vander Noot and d'Oultremont.
Countess Joséphe Vander Noot had the castle demolished around 1845 and replaced by a neo gothic castle after a design of architect Vivroux on the foundations of the old castle.
The castle was a purely designed to be a luxurious dwelling. The tower that dominates the castle may look like a medieval keep but it is just for decoration and to show off the wealth of the owners.
The castle of Meldert is currently a school that goes by the name Sint – Janscollege.
You can admire the castle form all sides from the school playground.