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The mighty castle of Mielmont can be found in the forest of Onoz close to the village Spy. Situated on a rock you can view the back of the castle perfectly from the public road. How the front looks like you can see on this old picture on the left. The castle is built around a square keep that dates back to the 12th century. This keep is the remains of an old stronghold. Because the castle is located on the border between Namen and Brabant it often was besieged. Henri de Merlemont defended the castle in 1189 against the repeated attacks of the army of Bousdewijn V of Brabant.The merlemont family stayed in the castle until 1550 when they were succeeded by the de Dave family. They remodelled and restored the castle. In 1628 the Sint Aldegonde family moved in the castle but they only stayed a short period. They sold the castle in 1690 to the rich patrician Jan Karel Roose, Baron of Sint Pieters Leeuw. The family Roose stayed in the castle until the marriage from their last female descendant who married Count Amédéee de Beaufort in 1870. The Beaufort family restores the castle between 1870 and 1875. They pretty much abandon the castle during the 1980's and leave behind an empty shell. Mister D. De Kock buys the castle and gives it back its plendor.
I do not know who owns the castle right now, it still may be the De Kock family but I do know that it was up for sale not so long ago.