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The castle Mirwart was for the first time mentioned in the beginning of the 11th century when the Lords of Lotharingen erect a stronghold as a protection against the hostile Lords of Bouillion en Orchimont. But the Lords of Mirwar where not the most nice people either. They were such shamless oppressors that Henri I of Verdon, Prince Bischop of Liege had no other alternitive then to attack the fief and chase away the Lords of Mirwar from the area. The castle was dismantled in 1083. But when Prince Bishop Otbert gets the castle in his possesion he rebuilds the stronghold and sells it in 1099 to Bovon van Waha. In 1293 it is bought by jean van Avesnes.
The next owner is Jean of Luxemburg but he gets in financial difficulties and sells the castle to Adolphe II van Marck. Through the next centuries the castle undergoes many sieges during the wars with Spain, Austria and France.
It is only at the beginning of the 18th century that the castle find some peace and between 1706 and 1734 it is turned into the luxurious dwelling that you still can see now. In the 19th century the castle is bought by Houden-Gabriel d’Artigues who also ownes the castle of Voneche. Other families who owned the castle in later years are the families Van der Linde, van Hoogvorst, d'Arrigade and Von de Becke. The last owner leaves the castle to the Province Luxemburg but they are not interested in the building and decay sets in. Vandals and looters strip the castle of everything that has some value until the castle is not more than an empty shell.
The castle is now owned by the same people that have restored the castle Jemeppe. They curently waiting for the restoration plans to be approved. Lets hope that this historically important castle will get back all its glory and splendor from times long gone. The castle that dominates the village can be viewed from the public road.

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