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This castle that is for the biggest part hidden behind the leaves in the summer was built in 1803 by architect Antoine Doornik Payen for the locksmith Captain Jean-Joseph Jaumenne. Prosper van Arenberg buys the castle at the end of 1834. He gives the castle to his brother Prince Philemon Paul van Arenberg. After the death it is Antoine the son of Prosper van Arenberg who moves into the castle in 1844. Antoine dies in 1910 and the castle goes to his fourth daughter Prinses Pauline.
When Germany invades Belgium they arson the castle. Princess Pauline gives architect Lange the task to rebuild the chateau. The castle is restored back into its old glory in February 1916. The princess dies in 1921 and the castle goes to the Belgian state.
After the second world war the castle becomes in 1947 the headquarters of the Belgian special forces. They still use the castle as their headquarters and use the surrounding rocks to train their recruits.