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The history of the castle goes way back into history. The castle that was property of the van Moerkerke family changed hands in the 14th century when the important noble family van Praet became owner of the castle. The van Praet family sold the castle in the 16th century. After that the castle changed hands many times. In 1922 it became property of the friars Xaverianen who started a school in the castle. After that it was inhabited by Colonel van den Broeck. The castle underwent, through its long history, many renovations. For example in the 16th century the castle was bought by the Spanish nobleman Clemens van CastilliŽ. He remodeled the castle thoroughly. In the 19th century it was the d'Hanins family who turned the castle into a neoclassic building. Later on it was again remodeled by the family 't Serclaes de Wommersom. The castle got its current look in 1912 but after that it fell into decay. When Colonel Van den Broeck became owner in 1964 it was not more than a ruin. He restored the castle and added two wings to the left and the right side. Because of all these renovations not much is left of the original stronghold. You can find the castle in the village of Moerkerke not far from Damme and Brugge. The castle is right beside the church and is currently used for weddings and other parties.