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You find this ruin close to the French border in the little village of Montquintin. The castle goes a long way back in time. The oldest parts of the ruin are from the 14th century. It were the Counts of Chiny who erected the first castle that was a square building with a round tower on every corner. Building a castle so close to the border with France is asking for trouble and so the French troops passed by in the years 1480, 1542 and 1647 and each time the stronghold went up in flames but after each destruction the castle was rebuilt. Jean Nicolas de Hontheim bought the castle in 1760, He was a Bishop and a high member of the clergy. He published under his alter ego Justinus Febronius a book and he was a favorite of Empress Maria Theresa and Emperor Joseph II. He died peacefully in his castle in the year 1790. The French general Jourdon though it was time again to destroy the castle and so in 1794 the castle was under attack and severely damaged. Jacques de Hontheim an heir of Jean Nicolas started to rebuilt the castle in 1803. He built and U-shaped castle on the remains of the ancient stronghold. This was however not the end of the dark times of this estate as in 1869 and in 1931 it got heavily damaged by fires. After the last fire the castle was not rebuilt and stayed a ruin. You can visit the ruin freely, the current owner tries to consolidate the castle a little bit. I even saw him in a TV program a while ago stating that he is planning to rebuild the castle completely, I fear however that this will remain only a dream of him.
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