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The village of Mozet is distinctive for its chalk houses, it's a scenery of cultivated fields and forests on the south side of the Condruzian valley of Samson. In the heart of the village, the castle farm occupies a place geographically dominant. This imposing building was once the witness of the long story of this site, which was located on the border of the county of Namur and the Principality of Liege. The ensemble of the principality of Francois of Corswarem in the second half of the XVII century was once the main headquarter of a landed lordship. The chalky quadrilateral building we see now, goes back mainly to that era. Long ago ditches surrounded it. By request of the Severin family, important renovations were designed by architect Gilbert around 1868. In 1910 Valerie of Severin donated the domain to the Seminary of Namur with the condition that she shall enjoy it until she dies. The buildings were used as a sanitarium for the WWI refugees returning from Germany. The association of catholic guides bought the domain in 1964 and renovated it. It is now a "Center for meeting and lodging" and a "Center of social tourism". For 30+ years, the domain has welcomed groups of different kinds for educational and instructive activities, and has also a family and playful angle. You cannot visit the castle but you are free to walk the grounds and to take pictures. The Castle Farm domain of Mozet can be reached via N4 or E411, exit Wierde, across the village of Mozet, the domain is indicated.