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Baron Charles-Joseph d'Overschie bought the domain in 1735. He used the small moated castle only as a hunting pavilion. His son Jean-Albert inherits the estate in 1744. He remodels and enlarges the castle and commissioned a beautiful park. The descendents of Baron Jean-Albert would be major of the village Neerijse for more than a century.
Anne d'Overschie marries in 1892 with Count Auguste de Bethune Hesdigneul. Their son rented first the chateau to a religious order who started an orphanage. In 1935 he sold it to Baron Goffinet who in his turn leased the castle to an organization who used it as a clinic.
It was sold in 1983 and was remodeled into a hotel.-restaurant.
As you can see from the pictures there are currently restoration going on. The castle is being remodeled into luxurious apartments.