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The history of this plays goes back to the 11th century when monks built a farm. Because this farm was very vulnerable to attacks by armed plunderers a castle was erected in 1330. Throughout time Nieuwenhoven developed into a training college for priests. The castle was enlarged and a moat was added. The farm was added in 1617 and the entrance gate building in 1623.
The 17th century was the time of the French revolution. All property of the church was impropriated. And so the castle became property of the aristocrat Maximiliaan Frans Niese. Since then the castle was in the hands of the same female lineage until the death of the last Baroness in 2004. One of the female descendants married in 1833 the English Baron Charles de Wettnall and he turned the castle into a neo-tudor mansion. The daughter of this English Baron married in 1873 with a member of De Moffarts family.
Disaster strucked the castle in 1932 when a fire destroyed the neo-tudor building completely. Furniture, art and other valuables where last in the fire. The Moffarts family was forced to move to one of their other castles. It was only in the '50's that the family would return to the castle after they restored it in a neo-classical style.
The children of Baron Hubert de Moffarts decided to sell the castle in 2007 to Jeanne Hoogenboom. Currently the castle is undergoing restorations and it is the wish of the current owner to make the castle partly public accessible.