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Since the beginning of the 13th century there was a fortified castle in Obsinnich. It was conquered in 1285 by Duke Jan I of Brabant. After the famous battle of Woeringen in 1288 it was burned down. Nothing remains of this old stronghold. It stood however on the same spot like the current castle. You find it 1300 meter to the north – east of the church of Remersdael.
The castle is since the 15th century property of the mighty d'Eynatten family. This family built the current castle to replace the old ruins. Because of constant remodeling is not much left of the original 15th century building. The first known lord of Obsinnich is Thibaut d'Eynatten. His son Michael inherits the castle and marries Marie de Gulpen. Théobald d'Eynatten dies in 1706 without an heir. He was the last of the d'Eynatten family of the Obsennich lineage. The castle goes to his oldest sister Catherine Elisabeth d'Eynatten. She marries her second cousin Guillaume Théobald d'Eynatten de Remersdael.
Fredric d'Eynatten is an intelligent eloquent powerful man. He is introduced in the council of noblemen of Leige in 1702 and also in the one of Limburg in 1708. He plays an important role for the nobles in the government of Limburg but he is also very unpopular because of his arrogant and authoritarian behavior. Although he had a big fortune he manages to build up so much debt that he is forced to sell all his possessions. He sells castle Obsennich that was for three centuries in his families' possession to Baroness Marie Anne Therese de Hochsteden. She is married to Baron Christian Francois Thierry de Fürstenberg, chamber lord of the Emperor of Austria.
The castle is still property of his descendants. Clémnent August Ego de Füestenberg who marries in 1866 with Baroness Marguerite de Lilien Opherdike is the first of the family who really lives in the castle. They move in in 1867 and they start with restorations they rebuilding the round tower put on new roofs etc.
It's remarkable that the castle throughout its long history is only sold one time in 1722 and that it belonged with the Eynattens and Fürstenbergs to only two families.
The castle is currently used as vacation paradise for young people.
You can view the castle from the public road.