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The castle of the Barons of Olne or better the entrance building to what once was the domain of the Barons of Olne is recently restored and is lived in by the family Baar. This beautiful building was once the entrance gate to an elegant castle. The castle was demolished in 1920 because it was decayed beyond repair.
The castle was constructed in 1703 by Guillaume d'Olne in a Louis XIII style planted in a French garden. The inside of the castle was richly decorated.
The French revolution changed the destination of the castle. Antoine Joseph Baron d'Olen was the last member of his family who lived in the castle. He was like so many noblemen chased away. He found exile in Holland. The castle was bought buy Monsieur Borguet a businessman from Liege. By 1910 the castle was up for sale again. The entrance building was bought by the family Baar and the castle was sold to a real estate agency from Brussels. Neglected the castle could not resist time and weather. In 1919 a last effort was started to save the castle but the miracle did not happen and the castle disappeared in the cracks of time.