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The history of castle Ommerstein goes back into the dark ages. It is said that the German Emeror frederik Barbarossa Rotem sold the castle in 1174 to Raoul de Zäringen, Prince Bishop of Liege. The name Ommerstein appears in the 17the century before that the castle was named Biessenhof (13th century), Kesselhof (14th eeuw), Kriekenbeek (15th century) and Hof van Kesselt (16th century). One of the owners was baron de Schiervel. He was part of the national congres in 1830 and later he was chairman of the senate, governor of East Flanders and governor of Limburg. He died in castle Ommerstein in 1866. By inheritance the castle went to Knight Moreau de Bellaing. This family would deliver two majors for the town Rotem and they stayed owner of the domain until recently. Now it is property of the organization Ommersteyn who give shelter to people who have it difficult to be integrated in society.
The castle cannot be visited but it can be viewed from the public road.