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A certain Nikolaas van Hoendunc a Lord of Nevele was the first owner of this castle. Around 1384, four towers were built and the north and east towers were connected by curtain walls. A drawbridge was the only entrance to the stronghold. Through marriages the castle came in the hands of the family Montmorency. The castle was involved in several wars in the 15th and 16th centuries. The castle was destroyed in 1491 and 1579 by fire. In a siege of 1579, the Montmorency family was left devastated. Phillipe van Montmorency was captured and taken to Brussels where he was beheaded. Marten della Faille, a wealthy merchant, bought the castle in 1592. The old stronghold was pulled down and on the foundations the four towers were rebuilt and a new tower was added in the centre of the front giving the castle the majestic look it still has now. The castle was rebuilt in the Flemish renaissance style also with some Spanish influences. The castle became more residential in the 17th and 18th century. Through marriage the castle went to the family du Bois de Vroylande. In 1864 the ancestors of the current owner Count t’ Kint de Roodenbeke bought the castle and gave the French architect Clément Parent the assignment to modernise the castle without harming the renaissance look. Parent did thoroughly an outstanding job. Inside the castle you can admire the rich decorations, paintings, furniture, silverware, tapestry, and several collections.
The castle is open from Easter until the middle of September on Sundays and holidays. In July and August it is also open on Saturdays always from 2pm until 5.30pm. The gardens are open the whole year.
Take the E40 Brussels – Oostende and take the exit Deinze and follow the signs.