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There was in the 13th century already a fortified keep on this location. An estate was for the first time mentioned in 1358 and the current castle is a remain of the 14th century castle that stood on this spot. The castle went through some rough times. During the 16th century that castles was besieged, ransacked and burned down. At the end of WWII the area was deliberate flooded destroying the gardens. The Germans removed all oak beams from the castle to make reinforce their lines against the approaching allied troops. Leaving the castle at the end of the war in a ruined state. Baron van der Elst who had bought the castle just before the war started the restorations. A bridged and two round towers from the 14th century flank the entrance of the castle. Behind the castle lies one of the most beautiful gardens of Flanders. During the creation of the garden they found the foundation of the original castle, these foundations were restored and piled up so that they are now the walking paths of the garden and at the same time gives a pretty good idea of how big the original 14th century castle was. The castle is private property but can be viewed from the public road and the gardens are open for visit on certain occasions.