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The small village of Opprebais is dominated by this big square castle farm. It is only in the 17th century that a farm is built inside the ruins of this ancient castle. In the beginning of the 12th century there was already a noble resident in Opprebais named Guillaume. His successor was Arnould d'Opprebais. In 1245 it is Henri d'Opprebais who owns the stronghold. In 1362 there is a second Arnould d'Opperbais who is a vassal of the Duke of Brabant. In 1438 the castle goes to Samson de Lalaing. In 1486 it goes to Jean de Glimes and his descendents keep it until 1660 when it goes to the Dukes of d'Arenberg.
Opprebais is a typical square castle with a keep and on every corner a round tower. I do not know the reason why the castle turned into a ruin. It has still a working farm within its curtain walls and so it is private property. You can dmire the still impressive remains of this stronghold from the public road.