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The history of this castle goes back a long way back in time to when the Lords of Ordingen where already in the 12th century important noble men. Arnould and Otbert van Ordingen are mentioned often between 1040 and 1075. The Lords of Ordingen were also important knights of Godfried met de Baard, Duke of neder-Lotharingen and Brabant. The list of Lords of Ordingen is very long and mentioning them all is impossible. In 1391 Willem of Ordingen murdered the major of Sint-Truiden. This resulted in a siege on the castle where Willem had fled. The castle was burned down but rebuild almost immediately. The castle came in the hands of the Horion family who sold it in 1610 to Commander Edmond Huyn van Amstenrade of the Teutonic Knight Order. This started a prosperous era for the castle. In 1790 the castle was sold to Charles Lambert Balthazar de Pitteurs Hiegaerts, he married the first and later second daughter of the wealthy sheet manufacturer Van Houtem. Charles was a pioneer in beet sugar industry and he had a sugar factory in 1837 beside his castle. His son Leon de Pitteurs was more interested in art and history. He enlarged and remodeled the castle into a beautiful neo Flemish renaissance building after a design of the famous castle architect Josse Schadde. Leon spent an enormous amount of money to decorate the interior with original Flemish art. Paul Saintenoy a pupil of Josse Schadde finished the castle in 1903. At around the same time Leon passed away. His widow Cartier d'Yve and son Antioine kept the castle in fine condition until a German bombardment in 1940 destroyed large part of the castle. Antoine lost interest in the castle and moved to Tenerife and sold all his possessions in 1960. The castle park got divided into lots and also the beautiful castle interior went up for sale and disappeared all over the world. The castle was sold a couple of times until Richard Sleurs bought the castle in 1997. He started immediately with the restoration of the castle. These restorations are still going on today. I do not know for what the castle will be used once the restorations are finished. You find the castle in the town Ordingen and it can be viewed from the public road.

With thanks to the local history group Remacluskring Zepperen for the information.