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This castle dominates the town of Jodoigne. It is impossible to say when a first fortification on this spot was erected. The Romans had probably already a stronghold on this location. What we know for sure is that there was a castle in the 12th century as it is depict on a seal of Duke Henri. Nobody knows how the old castle looked like as there are no engravings or descriptions about this old building. It was destroyed completely in 1578 during the battle against Don Juan of Spain and it was never rebuild. The remains of the castle changed hands several times until it became property of Jean-Englebert van de Romree, Lord Of Bonheyden. This family builds the current castle in 1730. After the French revolution it goes to the Viscount Bavay.
The Viscount gives the castle to a congregation of sisters who turn it into a school. The sisters leave the castle in 1834 and Bavay sells the castle to Joseph Philippe Pastur. In 1960 it are again nuns who move into the castle and turn it again in a boarding school for girls. After the nuns and girls leave the castle it is put up for sale and the town of Jodoigne buys it. They restore it and turn it into the administration centre in 1988 and into the city hall in 1994.