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On the two pictures on the left you see the new castle Pietersheim. This building was erected in 1910 by the Merode family. A fire destroyed the castle completely in 1920. The chateau was rebuilt in 1926 in neo classical style. Prince Xavier de Merode was the last private owner. He sold the domain in 1971 to the city council.
A little bit to the right of this new chateau you can see the ruin of the old castle Pieterheim. The moated stronghold dates back to the 12th century. The Lords of Pietersheim receive a domain just outside of Lanaken in 1100 and they erect a round water castle. In 1292 it becomes a seigniory of Loon and a few years later a free barony. Through a marriage the castle becomes property of the Merode family in 1449. Throughout the centuries the old stronghold slowly declines. Still the Merodes like their old castle because Marshal de Merode keeps his second wedding with Princes Nassau-Haldamar in the castle on july 5, 1721. The castle collapses during the festivities killing several butlers and maids.
There are currently restoration works going on in the ruin, the chapel is already rebuild but I am not sure what they will do with the rest of the ruin. The new castle Pietersheim is now used as a hotel and restaurant. The ruin is closed for restorations but you can walk freely around the castle or in the vast Pietersheim domain and forrest.
I have more pictures of the ruin HERE