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You can find the castle of Ponthoz in Clavier. The history of this castle goes back to early feudal times. When Walter van Corswarem buys the castle in 1452 from Gilles van Ochain it is already centuries old (the castle is first mentioned in 1178) and in need of restoration. He not only restored the castle but erected also a gothic chapel on the domain. The muriels in that chapel are today the best kept muriels from that time period in Belgium. The buildings that we still can see now date mostly back to the 17th century During the beginning of the 18th century the castle is bought by the Vander Straeten family. Charles-Joseph-Alexandre vander Straeten donates to his brother Louis the castle of Ponthoz. Francois-Marie vander Straeten Ponthoz is born in 1816 and he plays an important role in the more recent history of the castle. He enlarged the castle between 1852 & 1859 with two side wings and around 1880 he added the two towers flanking the entrance door. I have no clue what the current function of the castle is. When I was there restorations were going on and I was able to walk freely on the domain.