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The tower of castle Raaf is located in Lichtenbush a hamlet of Eynatten. The ruin of this tower stands behind a farm and can be viewed from the public road.
It is believed that the castle belonged to the family Rave and changed hands in the second part of the 14th century. The first know owner in 1380 is Jean Grummel d'Eynatten who also owned castle Ruyff. His son dies in 1462 and the castle goes to his granddaughter who marries Jean van Eys named Beusdaal. After this the castle changes hands numerous times and the history is complicated and confusing to say the least.
What we know for sure is that the castle belongs in 1647 to Guillaume de Moers who was married to Joanne de Vos. The castle goes to their daughter who marries Charles de Lamboy de Groenendael. The castle stayes in this family until it is bought by Arnold Schmetz around 1789. He dies in 1807 and his wife leaves the castle to her niece Marie-Catherine Peel who transfer it on the name of her husband Jacques-André Coenen. Their daughter inherits the castle in 1891 and she marries Fréderic Hertzog. Their son Adolfo Hertzog major of Aken and their daughter Alwina inherit the castle in 1907. Adolfo buys the share of his sister and sells the castle in 1919 to the brothers Henri and Nicolas-Guillaume Jennes. Nicolas becomes the only owner in 1927.
In 1830 they decided to remove the roof of the keep which resulted of course in the decay of the building. The castle was inhabited until the beginning of the 19th century.