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This by a moat surrounded keep is without doubt a prime example of a fortified stronghold in this area. Although some modifications were made throughout the centuries it still has all the features of a compact square tower surrounded by water .
The keep was in the beginning of the 15th century in the hands of Carsilius van der Roetschen. His daughter marries Emeric de Bastogne. They inherit the castle in 1443. Their son Emeric de Bastogne is the next in line, he marries Jeanne de Hollerich. They turned the keep in what it still is now.
After their death there is a fight about the inheritance and it is Henri de Scwartzenberg who gets the castle after a decision of the feudal court in 1473. It stays for almost two centuries in the family.
In 1716 Haus Raeren is because of inheritance rules given to Marie Isabelle Bertolf de Belven. She marries in 1721 with Jean Salomon d'Everlange Lord of Hollange. In 1774 the castle is sold to Jean Léonard de Schwartzenberg and his wife Marie Anne Mennicken and so the Schwartzenberg family is once again owner of the castle.
They keep the castle in the family until 1841 when Jean Michel Flamm buys the castle. He sells it in 1869 to Léonard Jardon who leaves it to his daughter Jean Jardon Cernélie Jardon who was married to Max Allan Chahnn Megerditsch .
The castle is sold again in 1912 to Gérard Nöcken who sells it in 1917 to Jean Blank father of the well known painter André Blank.
You can find Haus Raeren in the village Raeren close to Castle Raeren. It can be viewed from the public road.