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Castle Raeren is situated only 120 meters from Haus Raeren. Both started their history as a keep but Burcht Raeren is enlarged throughout the centuries. The first mention we find back of Burcht Raeren is in 1474 when it is owned and most likely also built by Jean d'Alensberg. What happened the next couple of centuries or who owned the castle is not known. The next time it is mentioned is in the 16th century when Jean Krummel de Nechtersheim is owner of the castle and he gives it to his daughter Anne Krummel de Nechtersheim. She marries in 1562 with Jean de Lomont and so the building goes to the Lomont family. Their son Philippe de Lomont inherits the castle in 1583. He start big renovations and enlarged the castle. He builts a new living quarter against the keep ads two towers, a curtain wall a farm and the main entrance. He also fills up part of the moat. The castle goes to his son in 1607 and later to his grandson.
Then there is again a period we do not know anything about. In the second half of the 17th century the castle is owned by Elisabeth-Gertrude de Colyn. She marries in 1670 with Jean-Charles Melchior de Broich. They die without heir and the castle goes to the sister of Jean-Charles Melchior, Isabelle de Brioch. The castle goes to her daughter who marries Mathias de Flamige. He is the one who does some restorations in 1738 and he replaces the old small windows with the windows in Louis XV style. He also added the towers with the merlons. The castle goes to his son who loses his fortune and is force to sell the castle to Jean-Henri de Schwarzenberg in 1790. Baron Charles de Broich who is related by marriage to Mathias buys the castle back and sells it to Baron de Witte de Limminghe. A year later the castle is back on sale and is bought by Pierre-Joseph de Nuys. The castle stays in the de Nuys family until 1916 when it is sold to Alois Wilden. Finally he sells the castle in 1921 to Josef-Mathias Reul.
The castle is now property of the town Raeren and it holds a pottery museum.