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This beautiful castle is located in Gestel the smallest village of the Province Antwerp. The oldest know owner is Jan II Berthout who lived in the castle in 1303. The oldest part of the castle is the square keep, this heavy tower dates back to the 13th century. The keep was fitted with canon holes in the 16th century.
Around this massive keep a beautiful castle was created that we still can admire now. Well known families who owned the castle were, van Immerseele and de Cock. Boudewijn de Cock sold on May 28th, 1643 the castle to Nicolaas Rubens the second son of the famous painter Pieter Paul Rubens. The castle would stay property of the Rubens family until 1759. During the 17th century the castle underwent major restorations and remodelling but at the end of the same century the castle stood empty and decay started. The rescue came in the 19th century when Esquire Nicolaas Joseph Alphonse de Cock came in possession of the castle. He undertook major restoration works. The Esquire lived in the castle until 1888. Other restorations took place in 1906. During WWI the castle was damaged but the restorations were already finished before the war ended. The last restorations took place in 1960. The castle is still property of the de Cock family. You can view the castle from the public road.