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This castle was the first time mentioned around the year 1400. Back then it was called Steenland after the name of the family who erected it. Balthazar Moretus bought the castle in 1679 and he used it as a country house because he was also the owner of castle Hoboken. After Balthazar it became property of Johannes Jacobus Moretus who was chaplain of Antwerp. He enlarged the domain and he built the dikes and planted forests on the heath land. Later on the castle became property of people like the family Pret. Count Karel Moretus Plantin bought the castle in 1907. He enlarged the castle with two big wings and bought more ground so that the complete estate would become 300ha big. The castle was sold in 1952 to the fathers Assumptionisten. They planned to start a novitiate in the castle but because there were not enough candidates they had to let this plan go. The father's sold the estate to the family Leysen-Ahlers and in 1978 the town of Stabroek bought the castle. Since then the castle function as a cultural historical center. The surrounding forests are perfect to make a long walk or a bike ride.