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You can find this castle in the town of Rotselaar. The oldest know owner of the castle was Henri Rega who lived from 1602 until 1688. Through marriage the castle becomes property of the de Wouters d'Oplinter family. In 1882 they even demolish the castle and a new castle rises from the debris in 1884. The de Wouters d'Oplinter family had owned lots of property in the area but they were forced to sell everything because of financial trouble. The only thing they kept was Rega's castle. They took a mortgage on the castle but after a while they were also not able to pay for that and so the castle got sold. The castle was in 1952 bought by Theodoor Smedts. When Theodoor bought the castle it was dilapidated. They started immediately with cleaning up the place and did restorations where necessary. At the end the restoration prize would be equal to the purchase price. After the death of Theodoor his wife Godelieve stayed in the castle. She moved out in 1982 and sold the castle to N. Beulens. Currently the castle is property of the antique dealer Alex Descamp. Twice each year there a sail of antique in the castle but for the rest of the year the castle that can be viewed from the road stands empty.