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The keep of Reinarstein (also called, li vi tcheste or li tour) towers over the market square of the village Poulseur. Poulseur can be found to the east-south of the city of Liege. The keep was constructed by Eustache II de Many between 1292 and 1300. he didn't had much pleasure of his new stronghold because he died in 1302.
The square keep is about 20 meters high, has six floors and the walls are between 2,15 and 1,75 wide. Eustache II provided the land and the Duke of Luxembourg funded the construction as he was very interested to have a stronghold 15km from Liege where the mighty Prince Bishops would put new alliances together all the time. Eustache III would own this way his castle Alle Cruppe in the Luxemboug feudal benefice and in the Limburg feudal benefice he had his farm van Manny. At the end of the 14th century the keep would go to the family Stavelot. Their successors would always be the hereditary majors of Waimes. De Zivels, de Nassaus and the Metternich would all live in this keep. The keep became a protected monument in 1958. I have to point out that only the keep is protected. The guardhouse and other attachments were built in 1926. It is currently property of the family Van Zuylen.
You can walk up to it along a steep dirt path. You can walk around it but you can't get inside the keep.