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Way back in the 12th century this castle was not much more than a fortified wooden tower. Later on a stone tower replaced the wooden construction. The tower was used as a lookout spot for other domains in the area. Godefridus van Schoten is the first lord of Perk who is mentioned in a document that was written in 1196 in Vilvoorde. The Lords of Perk slowly started to enlarge the house. Successively the Lords of Wezemaal, Lords of Boutersem, Lords of Leefdaal and the family of Waver ruled over perk. In the 14 century it became by heritage to the hands of the family de Baronaige. Margarite de Baronaige married in 1626 to Frederik de Marselaer and so the Marselaer family rules over the castle until 1718 when the last male de Marselaer died without heir. The family Van Steelant became the next owners of the castle. During the French occupation in 1809 the French officer Pieter Bounder of Melsbroek bought the castle. He sold the castle in 1833 to Count Prosper Christyn de Ribaucourt, senator of Dendermonde. The current Count DaniŽl de Ribaucourt is still Lord of Perk.
The castle is considered as one of the most beautiful of the Brussels area. It counts more than 200 rooms and was modernized by it owners throughout the centuries. The current castle largely dates back to the 17th, 18 and 19th century. The park is 90ha and consists of meadows, forest and ponds. It is a real nature and bird sanctuary.
The castle is private domain but you can view it from the public road and on rare locations there are walks organized in the park. On even more rare occasions the castle opens its doors for visitors.