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This domain is the first time mentioned in 1514 when merchant Magnus Bullestraete is owner of the castle. In 1543 the property is sold to Jan de Cordes. He made an outhouse of the castle but it burnt down at the end of the 16th century. The Jesuit of Antwerpen bought the domain in 1618 and a year later they also bought the close by Sterckxhof. They rebuilt the burnt down castle and turn in into a monastery. When the plague broke out, they opened their park so the inhabitants of Antwerp can walk in the park to get some fresh air. A memorial stone in the park dating 1735 remembers the times when the Jesuit was owner of the place. In 1776 banker JB Cogels buys Rivierenhof together with Sterckxhof. He remodels the castle back into an outhouse after a design of De Wailley who is the architect of the French king Lodewijk XVI. The Province of Antwerp buys the domain in 1921 but it will take until 1941 before it was opened to the public. The park was turned into a recreation area with sports fields and lots of other possibilities to spend a nice day in the outdoors. You will find among other things, a rose garden and an open-air theater. The castle itself was turned into a café / restaurant.