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This is some big ass castle or I better should say chateau as from the original medieval stronghold are only the remains of two defending towers left in the park. The history of this castle goes back to the middle of the 12th century when Eustache was the Lord of Roeulx. As a protection of his new founded town he erected a keep. In 1242 Eustache V built a wall around the town. Eustache VI died in 1336 without an heir and for almost a century the fief was in the hands of the Counts de Hainault. The town, castle and lands were passed on to Antoine de Cröy in 1433. The castle still belongs to this family.
Adrien de Cröy had the castle remodeled in 1530. In 1554 the castle was damaged by a fire after the troops of Henry II as a retaliation commit arson. The castle was restored and around the middle of the 18th century major remodeling and restoration works were done by Ferdinand Gaston, Duke de Cröy. Work was completed in 1764 when the castle acquired the appearance we still see today. Throughout the centuries important people stayed in the castle like Philip the Good, Charles the Bold, Charles V and Philip II, Archdukes Albert and Isabelle, Margaret of Parma, Marie de Médici, Queen Christine of Sweden and the Duke of Wellington among others.
The castle is not open for visits but can been viewed from the public road.