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Going back to the 13th century, this castle becomes property of the Lords of Nevele. With marriages and inheriting, the castle changes many times of owner. Some families who owned the castle are Lichtervelde, Gistel and Antoing. This last family sold the castle in 1426 to Jan van Lanhemeersch. His grand daughter married Robert Mulaert councilor of Filips de Goede, Karel de Stoute and Maximilliaan van Oostenrijk. Thomas de Thiennes inherited the castle in 1534 and he remodeled it in the castle we still can admire now. The castle stayed in the Thiennes dynasty until the oldest daughter of Francois-Joseph-Michel-Ghislain de Theinnes marries in 1865 Count Thierry-Marie-Joseph de Limburg Stirum. This German / Dutch family inhabited the castle until 1988 and then sold it to the Province. During the First World War the castle was close to the front line, so the Germans used the castle as headquarters. Between 1961 and 1965 the castle underwent a restoration by architect Joseph Viéren at which time, it got its original outlook back. In 1969 the park became a protected landscape and was opened to the public. As you can see from the pictures I took the castle is at the moment undergoing another restoration. If the information I have is right, then after this restoration, the castle will become a museum about the history of the county Flanders. You can find castle Rumbeke also called Kaaster castle in the village of Rumbeke close to the city Kortrijk.