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Castle Ruyff is located only three hundred meters from castle Baelen. Baelen may have been the more important castle but Ruyff is the more picturesque one. The most important part is the east wing; a robust square building that is flanked by a square tower.
The castle is in 1314 in the hands of Henri de Rueve. In 1355 the castle is owned by Gothar van der Kapellen who sells the domain to Johan Hanneman around 1370. Through marriage and inheritance questions the castle ends up in the hands of Gérard de Palant in 1530 who sells it to his brother Werner in 1534. The castle stays in the Palant family until it is sold in 1626 to Laurent Doenraedt who acts in the name of Nicolas de Croonenberg. In 1709 the castle is sold to Baron Von Dopff who sells it in 1716 to Francis Beaumont.
The castle that was in a state of decay because the Croonenberg family didn't take care of it and because the French army had fired at the castle in 1693. Beaumont is so much in debt that the castle is expropriated. It is adjudge to Mathieu de Fromenteau who was married to Marie Lambertine de Frauinet. The castle is sold again on October 13th 1853 to Baron Florent de Thiriat de Mützenhagen who leaves it to his second cousin Baron Gaston de la Rousseliere Clouard. In 1898 he leases the castle and gardens for a period of nine years to the fathers Lazaristen from Theux.
I do not know who is the current owner. You can view the castle from the public road.