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Saive is a village to the east of the city of Liege. The village of Saive exists since the 9th century. In this charming little town we find three points of interest for our web site.

Vieux Chateau:
The old castle or at least the remains of it or probably historically the most important. The history of it starts in 1250 when the Charneux family lives in the castle. It is however possible that the keep was already there and that they did not erected it. After the Cherneux it came into the hands of de Birgils and later on the Harffs.
De Clermonts move in in 1480 but the owner was killed together with the Prince Bishop of Liege Lodewijk van Bourbon by Willem Van der Marck. Jan van Horne the next Prince Bishop attacked the castle and destroyed it in 1487. This siege was not completely successful as the heirs of the Clermonts were able to stay in the remains of the castle.
1692 was the year the Méans moved in. The Méans would deliver the last Prince Bishop of Liege who was born in the other castle of Saive. He would become the first arch bishop.
In the 19th century the castle would go into the hands of the Counts Parc Locmaria.
Since more then a century the castle stands empty and turned into ruins. The current owners who bought the place in 1987 live in the farm on the domain that they restored. So the ruin is private property but the important historical keep can be viewed from the public road.

This castle was built in the 17th and 18th century by the important family Méan. Although they owned also the old castle they preferred to create a new more luxurious residence. Although the castle is not the most impressive it played an important role in history. It is the birth place of Francois de Méan (1751-1831) the last Prince Bishop of Liege and the first arch bishop of Belgium.
The castle stands empty since the late 1930's. It seems nobody cares what will happen to this building.
The castle was build by Francois de Méan and his spouse Dorothée de Hinnisdeal in 1660. In 1719 it was restored and remodelled by Pierre Méan. The current owner Count Rosmordoc who is a descendent in the fourth generation of Francoise-Aloise de Méan is very concerned about the future of the castle.
Lets hope that soon before it is too late somebody will step up to save the castle of Méan. The castle borders to the public road so it can been seen it all its sad glory.

Just across the street of Méan you will find the castle Bellaire. This castle is built on the foundations of an older building. Marie-Marguerite de Rossius inherits the place and marries Baron Michel de Rosen in 1709. It's he who starts rebuilding the castle at the beginning of the 17th century. One source says between 1709 and 1714 another source says in 1740.
The Rosen family would keep the property until 1872 when it is bought by Armand de Neuville and his wife Caroline Loërsch. They are the ones who enlarge the castle with two towers. Armand-Léon Prion inherits the castle. It are his descendents the family Prion Pansius who are still living in the castle now