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In the mid sixteenth century there was a farm where now the castle stands. The farm belonged to the major of Soiron. Christian de Woestenraedt a former captain of the king of Spain was born in Soiron in 1540. He married in 1581 Mary Haultepenne lady of Sclessin, a village not far from Daverdisse in the province Luxembourg. In 1587 they built instead of the ruined farm a beautiful chateau which they called Domain du Their.
One night at the end of March 1591 a troupe of soldiers of the regiment of Bettingen enters Soiron. Major Christian de Woestenraedt rides out with a couple of men to meet the soldiers to try to stop them from robbing and pillage the village like it was customs in those times. Christian got maltreated in a despicable way and was taken back to the castle where he died aged 50.
Mary Haultepenne remained behind with six young children. She continued to live in the castle as she retained the title Dame Of Sclassin. She died on January 3th 1638. From then on the castle was known as chateau Sclassin. It would stay property of the Woestenreadt family until 1805 when it was bought by Jean-Nicolas David an industrial from Verviers.
I do not know who owns the castle now but it is private property and it can be viewed from the public road