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Castle Selsaeten goes way back in time. It is first mentioned in 1155 when it was know as 't Hof Haga. Alsanus sold the castle in 1155 to Jan van Berchem. This family would own the castle for almost four century. On December 29th 1535 they sell the domain to Jan d'Affaytady.This well know family came from Cremona, Italy. Franciscus d'Affaytady was counselor for the Portugese King while his two brothers Ludovicus and Martinus were close to the Prince of Milan. When he purchased Selsaeten in 1535 he turns it into a magnificent domain. He couldn't enjoy his new castle very long as in 1542 the troops of Maarten van Rossom burn it down. The 15000 man strong army of Maarten van Rossom were suppose to take Antwerp but they failed and out of frustration they plundered the surrounding villages and destroyed everything on their way including castle Selsaeten. Filip d'Affaytady rebuilds the castle almost immediately after the destruction. The family stays in the castle until Noivember 17th 1807 when they sell it to Jan-Willem le Grelle. Through heritage the castle becomes property of Gustaaf Agie who was married to the daughter of Theodoricus and Adelaide le Grelle. The Agie family sells the castle in 1951 to mister Huybrechts who want to turn it into a restaurant this plan never materialize and he sells the domain in 1958 to mister De Laet who turns the castle in a refuge for neglected children. On April 1st 1967 he turns it into to in a home for the elderly. The castle is in 1979 bought by the company Deltimmo. Currently the castle no longer function as a home for the elderly. They moved into new and more modern buildings erected close to the castle. I don't know for what they use the castle right now but it is in a neglected state and it should be restored as soon as possible. You can find the castle in Wommelgem not far from the church.