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This castle is for the first time mentioned in the 15th century when it is described as a square building with four unequal towers and a moat. In the middle stood a massive keep. This castle was mentioned in 1587 again saying that it was deteriorated badly.
The family Woelmont buys the castle in 1647 and this family still owns the castle to date. The last two decades of the 17th century were disastrous for the old castle. It was plundered and burned down in 1684 and in 1687. The final blow came however in 1692 when an earthquake shook the area. The old keep collapsed and in his fall destroyed the other parts of the castle.
Plans to rebuild the castle were made immediately but it would take until 1740 before the works really started. In 1746 new out buildings were build on the foundations of the old castle. A new castle was build and was finished in 1749. Forty years later the French revolution swirled through the area. The Barons of Woelmont afraid for riots left their castle to return only in 1857. They remodelled their castle again. In 1914 German soldiers plundered the castle. Luckily the damage was not to big and was restored quickly.
The castle and the charming village form one beautiful sight when looked at it from a distance. Although the castle is private it is worth to visit this beautiful little village.