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The first traces of this property go back until 1414. That year the castle became the property of Nikolaes van de Wouwere. The van de Wouwere family kept it until 1555. At which time the property was sold to Karel Micault. Karel Micault knight and Lord of Oosterstein and Aartselaar died on May 11th, 1559. His widow Blanca de Bordeaulx then sold the domain to Maarten - Antoon del Rio. Antonio del Rio was a Spanish merchant who was enormously rich. He also bought castle Cleydael and some other properties in the area. Antonio made the mistake of becoming the caretaker of the blood council of Alva which enclosed all goods stolen by the Spanish armies. Because of this Antonio fell in disgrace by the council of Brabant witch resulted in a siege on castle Cleydael. All his goods were confiscated and Antonio left Belgium, he died in Lissabon on February 17th 1586. Castle Solhof changed after the departure of Antonio del Rio several times from owner. The last one was Jean Nyssens who sold the domain in 1983 to the city of Aartselaar. Solhof was in the 16th century an impressive water castle. The only thing that remains of that stronghold are two small towers. The current castle was built in the 18th century and remodeled in the 19th century. Finally, it was restored a few years ago. Solhof is at the moment a high class hotel.