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The history of Sorghvliedt goes back to the 16th century when there was a farm, which was called Wickeleynde. Several other buildings flanked the farm. Arnold du Bois inherit the domain in the beginning of the 18 century and he decides to rebuild the place in rococo style. He hired the famous architect Jan Pieter van Baurscheit de Jonge who also built the Royal Palace on the Meir in Antwerp, the city hall of Lier, castle S Gravenwezel and the Osterrieth house. Between 1745 and 1750 the current castle and its park became reality. The city of Hoboken buys the castle and park in 1937 and makes it the city hall in 1940. After the Antwerp fusion of 1983 the castle gets a new destination and becomes district house. The outside of the castle was restored not so long ago. You can walk freely in the park.