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The first lords of Spontin where descendants of the guardians of Hoei. The keep of their castle reflected in the clear water of the river Bocq. Willem van Beaufort was a loyal servant to the Count of Luxembourg. In 1288 during the battle of Woeringen, Willem was brave and protected his Count so well that he received from the future Emperor Hendrik VII all the land around Spontin. The large square keep had undergone already several sieges but was never defeated. After the construction of curtain walls in the 14th century the stronghold was besieged again. The Siege of the armies of the city Luik in 1429 was not successful. In 1465 the castle was under attack by the inhabitants of Dinant and they were able to take the castle and destroyed it. Margaretha van Spontin transferred the castle in 1515 to Jean van Gilmes, Count of Florence. This family restored the towers at the entrance and the living quarters and they also tore down parts of the curtain walls. However, this was not the end of troubled times for this castle. In 1554 the French troops of Duke van Nevers arrived at the doors of Spontin ready for battle. The castle was partly destroyed.
The last Glimes van Florence married the Marquis van Beaufort – Spontin in 1747. This is how the castle came again in the hands of the family that were the first owner. The married couple moved to Austria after a couple of years and they sold Spontin to the Count van Gourcy – Serainchamps. Later on it also became property of the van Caloens family then as time went on that of the Pierponts family.
This beautiful monument of the county of Namen was bought not so long ago by the nv Société de Chateau de Spontin, an organization that will take care of this middle age stronghold from now on. I visited this castle in May 2001 and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. One can walk freely around and inside the castle. It still contains a lot of medieval sentiments. Especially the keep, it still retains the ancient appearance.There are many rooms and dark cold narrow staircases. The river Bocq surrounds the castle with two small waterfalls at the back of the castle.
A bed and breakfast stay at the castle would be a grant event. Or you can rent the castle for parties and other gatherings for up to 2000 people. The castle is open for visits all year round from 11am to 4pm except on Tuesdays. It is very easy to find. Take the E411 from Brussels to Luxembourg, take Exit 19 and the castle is on your right after a few hundred meters just before the bridge over the river Bocq. Enjoy your visit!