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In the little village of Sint Pietersvoeren you find the castle De Commanderij. Daniel de Fouron, Knight and Lord of the village donated the castle with all its affiliation to the Teutonic order when he entered the fellowship in 1242. There are no records from what time period the original castle dates . The original castle was in the beginning of the 17th century replaced by extensive buildings all marked with dates, inscriptions and initials. The new castle is majorly the work of the Teutonic commander Guillaume Quadt op de Beek and his successor Baron Ferdinand de Rolshausen. The landing was added in 1760 by Baron Wennemar de Hövel. The drawbridge of the main entrance is an intact historical remain of the old castle. The gate building is dominated by three beautiful towers. The Commanderie is currently owned by the family Van Rijckevorsel who also own the farm, the waterworks in the park and moats.
You can't visit the inside of the castle but you can walk for a small fee in the park where they raise salmon and trout in the ponds in the park. You can eat them there in the restaurant or buy some to prepare at home.