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Hidden behind the trees of a park and only really visible between the leafless trees in the winter stands the chateau of Spy. The big u shaped chateau has a long history. The castle started out as a medieval keep that is now completely surrounded by the more recent additions that turned the primitive keep into a luxurious chateau.
It's not really certain how old the keep is. It is for the first time mentioned in 1556 but it is certain that it is a lot older. Spy was a feudal estate between 1358 until the 17th century dependable to the Counts de Namen. Some of the families who ruled over spy are, Dave, Sainte-Aldegonde, Roose, Zevecote, Colins de Temeeren, Lambillon, Benjamin, Brouckoven and Colma. Through inheritence the castle goes from that last family into the hands of Roose de Baisy in 1825. In 1830 it goes to the Beauffort via marriage. It is property of Mister J. Bastin until 1936.
Like mentioned before the keep is the first time mentioned in 1556. A few years later a farm is mentioned but that farm is demolished in the 19th century. A castle is for the first time mentioned around 1719. It was built on commission of Count Colins de Termeeren. Several additions were made in 1830 and 1880 when the two towers were added.
The chateau is still private property and located in the middle of the village Spy.