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The castle of Solre-sur-Sambre was erected to defend the border of the principality of Leige. They lay out is a square castle with a round tower on every corner and an imposing gate building / keep. The first lord of the stronghold was Nicolas II de Barbencon who passed away in 1256. The Barbencon family kept the castle until the beginning of the 15th century. Arnould de Barbencon died in 1410 and his only child Catherine married Gilles de Mortagne who was accused of treason and was executed. The Duke of Burgundy confiscated the castle and gave it to Antoine de Cröy who sold it to the brother of the executed. Jean Carondelet, grand Chancellor of the Archduke Maximilliem of Austria bought the castle in 1480. The property stayed in the Carondellet family until Anne Francoise de Carondelet married Maximilien Anthoine Count de Merode in 1692. Finally the castle was sold in 1834 to the Wignacourt family.
The front of the castle is still in prestine condition with the massive keep / gate building and two towers dominating the little village. The two other towers are ruined but the remains can still been see clearly when you walk to the back of the castle.