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The castle of Tavigny dates back to the 9th century. In the year 893 the castle is the property of the Abbey in Prüm. Back then the castle is a square keep from 10 by 10 meter with 2 meter thick walls. A few centuries later they erected four round corners connected by curtain walls around the keep for extra protection.
In the 14th century the d'Ouren family, who's family tree goes back to the 12th century, becomes owner of the stronghold. The castle is being modernized in 1594 when Jean d'Ouren marries Adrienne van Pallant. Two towers survive the alterations and the keep is incorporated in the new living quarters. The d'Ourens would stay Lords of Tavigny until the beginning of the 18th century. The last Baron d'Ouren dies in 1730 and he leaves the castle to his nephew Hubert, Baron of Dobbelstein d'Eynebourg and Moresenet. This family dynasty also comes to an end on the castle in 1811. They leave the castle to another nephew. Gabriell – Auguste, Count of Ludre. He is an officer in the French army and not interested in the estate and he sells the castle in 1824 to a tanner from Stavelot. This is the end of the dominion of the Lords of Tavigny. Later on the castle functioned as a hotel and currently it is back a private property.
The castle is situated in the middle of Tavigny and can be viewed from the public road.