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As you can see on the old photograph castle Ten Dorpe was once surrounded by a vast park. Ten Dorpe was already in medieval times a know feudal estate The first known owners are Arnold van Bove and his wife Maria van Stradonc who lived in the castle around 1250. The castle changed hands numerous times throughout history. In 1949 the chaplains of the congregation of work bought the castle to use it as a school and they had also a lot of other plans with the domain but those plans didn't materialized. In the early 50's they sold the whole domain except for the castle to N. Dessers a real estate agent who immediately divided the part into lots and sold it. The whole beautiful park disappeared this way. The castle was sold to Raf Speybrouck . He died in 1959. On February 4th 1977 the castle was bought buy Johan Fleerackers he restored the castle that was in a bad shape. His widow sold the castle in 1990 to Frans Cauwenberghe who is still living in the castle with his wife and five children. The old castle was destroyed in 1583 during the siege on Antwerp. It was rebuild in the middle of the 17th century. It got his current neo Flemish renaissance style during the restorations of 1860. The entrance gate, the core of the building and the peer shape tower are still 16th century. You can view the castle from the public road.