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Rural estate Terlaemen was the first time mentioned in 1293 when it was the property of Clara van der Lamen who takes the name Malapart de Lame after her marriage with Herni Malapart. Since those times not much is change to the domain. It's still private property and inhabited by a noble family. The castle got its current look in 1750 when it was remodeled in classical style for Count Jean de Borchgraeve. He sold the castle in 1811 to esquire Laurant Palmers. His decedents called themselves since 1911 Palmers de Terlamen.
Esquire and Lady Francois de Bellefroid are living in the castle since 1992 after they inherited the estate from their aunt Madam Palmers de Terlamen. So the castle is private property but can be viewed perfectly from the public road