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The name Ter Linden was the first time mentioned in 1582. In the 17th century it was described as a small building surrounded by a moat. From the beginning of the 17th century the family Ter Linden played an important part in the town council. The old castle was described as a small castle with two round towers. The current castle was build in 1775 by Jaak Angelus Dierickx chairman of the Council of Flanders. During the Revolution of Brabant mister Dierickx had to flee. The French installed the offices of “garde magasin des vivres” in the castle.
The castle was sold in 1796 to Baron Van der Noot de Vreckhem who was mayor of Aalst from 1833 until 1845. In 1910 the castle was in the hands of Eugeen Jelie who had inherit the castle from his first wife, a daughter of major Van der Noot. In 1913 the castle was sold to L.Geerinckx who did some remodeling. Geerinckx sold the whole domain to a real estate company who erected two apartment blocks on the domain, luckily they did not demolish the castle. The city of Aalst bought the castle in 1978. They opened what remains of the park to the public and use the castle as offices.