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Castle Thierry is a real must for the more adventurous visitor of my web site. It is a secluded ruin on a rock overlooking the river maas. You can find the ruin in the village of Falmigoul south to the city of Dinant. The ruin who seems to be maintained perfectly is fenced off and it takes some clambering to get in but it is worth the effort.
A first castle was erected by Lord Thierry de Faing. The name Thierry is for the first time mentioned in 1199 when it was a fief of castle Poilvache. The castle ruin dates back to the year 1262 and was built by Gilles de Rochefort d'Orjo who was married to Héluide de Faing a descendent of the first Lord of Faing. The castle protected the abbey of Waulsort that was situated on the other bank of the river.
Other families that owned the castle after the d'Orjo dynasty were Looze de Argimonts, Boulans, Brandenbourg and the Spontin de Fryer family.
The castle was destroyed by the French army in 1675 after they conquered Dinant. Castle Thierry was never rebuild after this siege.
The ruin stands on a 180 meter high rock overlooking the river. The castle surface is 1321 m2. At the back side it is protected by a moat that is cut out the solid rock it stands on.

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