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The original castle of Astenet was situated in the midle of the pond in the garden of castle Thor. The castle was uninhabitable since 1626. The keep collapsed in the 16th century. During the cleaning of the pond they found the foundations of the keep that was flanked by four round towers.
Castle Thor was originally the brewery of the big estate that belonged to the family d'Astenet. In the 15th century the estate is divided in three parts. The part where castle Thor would be build was owned by Jean van der Heyden. It is already the end of the 17th century when Jean Heyendal buys the domain. He demolishes the brewery and built new buildings. The iron wall clamps form the year 1700. Jean dies in 1717. He leaves everything two his two sons. They enlarge the castle in 1738. After their death the castle goes to Anne Catherine Hayendal. She marries in 1762 with Waltere Jean Francois Birven. She dies in her castle in 1806. The castle goes after the death of Waltere to their son. Who in his turn leaves it to his daughter Josephine Birven. She marries in 1840 with Doctor Frederic Lambertz. When the widow Lambertz dies in 1899 the castle went to her nephew Emile Lambertz who leaves it to his son and current owner Frederic Lambertz. Castle Thor is currently a hostel.