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This castle was the home of the painter and engraver Félicien Rops (1833-1898). The castle and garden didn't change since the 19th century. Unfortunately it became victim of decay and it is now the Félicien Rops foundation that was founded in 1994 by his now deceased granddaughter Elizabeth who tries to preserve the domain. The outside of the castle is already restored but the interior still needs lots of work to give it back the splendor of the 19th century. The history of the castle is much older than the 19th century and the same family lived it in for 5 centuries. It all starts with Collin Henry who establishes the domain in 1478. One of his descendants, Pierre-Louise Henry took the name de Faveaux. He had 12 children one of whom was Charles Henry de Faveaux who became mayor of Mettet and was ennobled by Napoleon. He in his turn had six children one of them Charlotte married Théodore Polet. Charlotte and Théodore had one child named Charlotte and she married Félicien Rops on June 28, 1857. Félicien entertained many other artists at his castle like Baudelaire, poet Glatigny, writer Delvau, painters Dubois and Lambrichs and photographer Dandoy. Charlotte and Félicien would have two children. Paul born in 1858 and Juliette born in 1859. About Juliette Rops wrote, “Juliette has black hair and big blue eyes. I adore her, and pray God to let me keep her. I'll kill myself if I lose her, her eyes so often make me dream." Juliette died from meningitis at the age of six, in 1865. Félicien died August 23, 1898 in France. His wife Charlotte survived him by 30 years. She died at the age of 94 on March 22, 1929. Their son Paul marries Valentine Meuffels but Paul dies tragically on a walk with his mother in the castle park. Paul and Valentine had five children. Jaques died at a young age in a glider accident. Phillippe immigrated to Africa. Jean who died at the age of 38 in a German prisoner of war camp and Elisabeth (1909-1996) and Pierre (1912-1990) both of them never married and would live in the castle until their death.