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It is not sure but it was probably Willem van Saint-Sauve who erected this stronghold. He was a natural brother of Boudewijn V and most likely he built this castle to uplift his rank. Later on the stronghold was donated to a family from Thy. A descendent from that family named Elisabeth married in 1268 with Arnold III of Wesemaele, Lord of Thier. Later on in time it was the family Neuville and after them the family Werchins who owned the castle. Later on the families Melun de Ligne and van Croy, Dukes of Harvé became owner of the castle and although they did not live there they kept an eye on their property. In the 17th century it came to a lawsuit between the Families de Ligne, the van Croy and the princes of Melun. The Melun won and they gave the domain to the family Rohan-Soubise. But later on the court gave the castle back to the van Croys family. In the meanwhile the castle had lost its military importance and was turned into a farm. It was Louis Petit who bought the place in the 20th century and turned it back into the stronghold it was in medieval times. Because of this man we can admire now this impressive castle that is located in the middle of the town that bares the same moniker