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The abbey of Salzine and the abbey of Marche-sur-Meuse built a presbytery in 1761 not far from the church of Tillier. The church is closed in 1796 and the presbytery is put under legal restraint. In the beginning of 1798 the building is sold to Theodore Brialmont. A year later it is sold to Pierre Libotton. Isidore Lomba buys the property in 1809. He decides he wants to live permanently in the old presbytery and he enlarged the building with two towers.
The family Pierpont buys the castle in the middle of the 19th century. Jules de Pierpont enlarged and restored the castle at the end of the 19th century with some medieval look something that was popular in that era. The Walravens family buys the domain in 1902. Leo Walravens and his wife Helene Vanlagendonck had five children. He was provincial advisor and also part of the village council. He passed away in 1944. During WWII the school of the village was destroyed by German troops. The Walravens opened their castle to the students so that they could keep going to school.
There is still one of the five children of the Walravens living today, he lives now in Waterloo. The castle was sold in 1961 after the death of d'Henriette Walravens.
It was sold to Mister Delcourt who sold it two years later to the current owner Mister Scheid.
The castle is private property but can be viewed from the public road.